Lift Orlando  

Lift Orlando is a nonprofit organization that operates enrichment programs for several neighborhoods in the heart of Orland, Florida. In 2013, the group launched a widespread survey for residents near the historic Citrus Bowl Stadium. Today, this venue is known as the Camping World Stadium because of corporate sponsorship rights. More than 1,500 residents responded to the forms conducted by the Polis Institute for optimum accuracy. After collecting critical data, the organization launched various outreach initiatives to improve the historic neighborhoods near one of the city's major sports venues. Since 2014, Lift Orlando has hosted summits, town halls, and other gatherings that focused on underprivileged and underserved residents' critical social issues. The group hopes to optimize the potential of children and young adults living in neighborhoods that local leaders have traditionally neglected.

More than ten members make up the permanent board of this nonprofit entity. Some of the members hold prestigious positions in local corporations and businesses. Therefore, the group receives generous funding and other support from the booming economic sector of Orlando. A director of partnership and a community partnership manager is important to staff members who work behind the scenes. Lift Orlando continues to invest in the growing neighborhoods near the Camping World Stadium. Local children benefit from all-new educational opportunities and extracurricular activities.

Lift Orlando

The nonprofit group particularly helps minority children who are at risk of falling behind in academics. This group calls for equity and equality in all aspects of life for the families living near a major outdoor stadium in downtown Orlando. The West Lakes neighborhood is the main focal point for Lift Orlando. For generations, the neighborhood has been a significant hub for the city's African American community. After World War II, West Lakes residents struggled to achieve equality in the workplace, schools, and other public institutions. Thanks to the West Lakes Partnership, the neighborhood's current and future generations will enjoy a better quality of life.

Lift Orlando is responsible for bringing low-income housing to this growing community. The master-planned housing complexes have modern amenities and other features that even attract new residents. Additionally, the Cradle to Career programs helps the local youth to navigate all levels of primary, secondary, and post-secondary education. Community centers with contemporary equipment and wellness programs are also available for the residents of West Lakes.

Learn more about how the Lift Orlando organization is transforming neighborhoods near downtown Orlando, Florida, by visiting their website.