Volkswagen Taos Service Intervals

* Listed service intervals serve as a general guide and are not associated with the OEM. Please refer to your vehicle's owners manual for optimal recommendations for your specific model.

What Is the Volkswagen Taos Maintenance Schedule?

Volkswagen Taos service intervals are a set number of miles and months for the car service for your Volkswagen vehicle. The Volkswagen Taos maintenance intervals are essential and should be followed. They also help keep your Volkswagen in tip-top shape and prevent specific issues. The intervals listed below should be respected at all times. These are general guidelines for service intervals, and for the most accurate recommendations, people should check the driver's manual for their specific vehicle year, make and model.

15,000-Mile Service

This is an excellent time to check the tire pressure and other relevant items. A brake pad inspection will also need to be done at this service. If there are any concerns, a brake disc inspection should be done, and you should always address these issues at the earliest possible sign of a problem. Service interval reset will also happen at this time. This reset will help ensure that your service intervals are kept in good order and will also give you peace of mind.

30,000-Mile Service

At this service interval, engine compartment and transmission inspection will be done. This will allow you to inspect the entire engine and transmission for wear and tear. Battery inspection will also happen at this interval. This will help ensure that the battery and or wiring is good. Tire pressure and TPMS inspection will also be performed. This service is suitable for providing proper tire wear and preventing improper weight distribution or pressure problems. Exterior lighting systems inspection will also happen, which will help ensure any wiring or issues with the lighting is in good condition with no problems. Windshield wiper and washer system inspection should also be done. This will help keep your windshield and surrounding panels free of water buildup and maintain proper visibility for you and your passengers. Checking for sunroof drain blockage can also happen. This will ensure any blockage is removed and the drain is not clogged with debris. A road test is also encouraged. This will help obtain any information needed to determine if your service interval is being performed correctly or not.

60,000-Mile Service

Around 60,000 miles, inspections and replacements will be part of the Volkswagen Taos maintenance to ensure every component is functioning effectively. Dust and pollen filters will be replaced and also get vacuumed. This will ensure every bit of debris in the filter is cleaned and removed. Spark plugs will also be replaced. This will ensure that your engine is running correctly with no issues. Suspension components will be inspected to ensure that each shock and strut is in good shape with no problems.

90,000-Mile Service

You must maintain routine maintenance as soon as your Taos mileage exceeds 90,000.

In conclusion, the Taos maintenance schedule is essential. The maintenance intervals are a great way to keep your vehicle updated with recommended checks and professional-level service. You can visit our Orlando service department for more information on the car.



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