Do I Need a New Car Battery?

Don't let yourself get stranded waiting for a jump start--watch our short video to learn how to tell if your car battery needs to be serviced or replaced!

Whether you've been driving for five years or 50, you've likely experienced the dreadful situation of getting into your car and sticking the key into the ignition only to find the battery won't start. While this seems to only happen when we least expect it, there are often a few signs your car battery is dying prior to complete failure. The trick is learning how to recognize and interpret these signs before disaster strikes!

How Long a New Car Battery in Orlando Lasts

Service Technician Replacing Old Battery with New BatteryCar batteries are designed to last anywhere from three to five years, but your actual mileage may vary due to external factors like temperature and driving habits. While routine battery service in Orlando is recommended for batteries of all ages, it becomes especially important to have your car battery checked regularly once it hits the three-year mark.

During bursts of warm weather, it doesn't hurt to stop by and have your car battery inspected; the reason being that heat can also be detrimental to battery life. You can swing through our Service Xpress lane or make an appointment online at any time!

When to Replace a Car Battery

At one point or another, you will have to receive a battery replacement near me. In addition to old age, here are some of the signs your car battery is dying and needs to be swapped for a new one:

  • The check battery light is illuminated
  • The battery case is bloated or otherwise damaged
  • The battery smells like rotten eggs and/or is corroded around the terminals
  • The engine cranks slowly or cranks but doesn't start
  • The headlights appear dim or flicker

All of the above symptoms signal that your battery is on the verge of failing, so if you notice any of them, it's important to receive battery service in Orlando right away. Waiting even a week could be bad news for your battery (and you)!

Where to Get a Car Battery Replaced

When you need a battery replacement near me, it's important that you pick the right size and voltage for your vehicle, not to mention one that is good quality and will last for the next few years. That's why we recommend you choose us for battery service in Orlando!

When you come into our auto repair shop, one of our factory-trained service technicians will go over your options and help you choose the best new car battery for your needs. Plus, we'll even install it for you so you don't have to get your hands dirty. Enjoy your new battery and your peace of mind!


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