Volkswagen Scout to Make a Comeback as an Electric Vehicle  

Volkswagen is preparing to enter the electric off-road scene by reviving its legendary Scout nameplate.

The Scout model was made famous in the 1960s and 1970s by truck and tractor maker International Harvester and was once a solid competitor to Jeeps and Ford Broncos. Although it hasn't been sold in decades, Volkswagen plans to revive the Scout name as an electric SUV and pickup truck in 2026.

The model will be established under the Volkswagen Group umbrella, with the first prototypes being unveiled in 2023. So far, Volkswagen has revealed concept art of boxy-looking SUVs and pickup trucks that feature the upturned window design of the earlier Scout models of the 1960s. The new Scouts will be based on Volkswagen's new EV platform. Additional details will presumably come to light when prototype Scouts will be unveiled.

According to a recent Wall Street Journal report, Volkswagen is hoping to sell approximately 250,000 Scout-branded vehicles every year in the United States. The report also suggested that the Scouts will have their own factories, most of which will be in the United States.

Since the electric Scouts won't be made available until 2026, the electric off-road vehicle market will be crowded. However, the Scout is still a major name and will likely sell well among off-road enthusiasts and those who want a reliable electric pickup truck.

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