What SUV Models Does VW Make? 

VW makes several SUV models that you can pick up. Here are some examples for you to peruse if you so choose.


The main SUV you will be able to find for SUV is ID. 4. The one for 2022. This vehicle is an electric SUV that has plenty of the VW features that you are used to with other vehicles, not in an EV line. For example, you have a lot of cargo capacity available to you. Beyond just cargo space, you also can bring up to four other people in addition to yourself. It has plenty of legroom as well as as much as over 64 cubic inches of cargo space if you fold down the rear seats.

You also have access to all-wheel drive as well. In addition to this common feature, you also have more traction than you normally would. The all-wheel drive also draws power from the electric motors that help give the All Wheel Drive more power.

Other options include the IQ drive, which helps you to get where you want to go through Advanced Driver Assistance Technology. This includes semi-autonomous options. It makes it easier to navigate whatever is in front of you on the road. The exterior has a streamlined look which makes sure that it stands out without having to sacrifice space at all.

This vehicle tends to have a significant amount of horsepower at over 150 hp. This allows you to have all of these amenities and features for safety and driving guidance without sacrificing power at all. Not only will you drive well along the road, but you will also have the power to go off-road as well if you choose.

Another SUV is the ID.4, which is coming out in 2023. It has upgraded features but some similarities with the one from 2022. This is the current most active line for SUVs made by VW.

Knowing More

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