Summer Maintenance Tips  

Now that summer has arrived, are you planning a summer road trip? For many people in our area, it's been a long time coming, and getting on the road is always fun during the summer. But if your vehicle isn't ready, it may not be safe to travel long distances. That's why our dealership wants you to be aware of certain maintenances you should address now. And our service center is always here to help you.

Oil and Oil Filter Change

Maintaining regular oil changes is the ideal way to ensure that your engine has longevity. Internal engine parts rely on oil for lubrication and nutrients, which are vital to engine performance and reducing friction. When oil is dirty or doesn't have high viscosity, there can be mechanical issues that arise. And you want to avoid that from happening, especially during summer. The excessive heat makes oil even more vulnerable and less effective.

Inspecting Fluid Levels

Due to the changes in temperatures, fluid levels can become affected. Periodically inspecting them is highly recommended. Fluids such as windshield, power steering, transmission and coolant are vitally important this time of the year. For instance, when coolant is less effective or low, your engine may become overheated, especially in the summer. To avoid a possible breakdown, ensure the coolant is fresh and stays at the maximum level.

Tire Air Pressure and Quality Check

Before hitting the road this summer, have a quality check of your tires by a certified technician. Not only does the tread pattern need to be inspected for even tire wear, but the air pressure also needs to be checked. Tires that are too low become even more vulnerable to heat and may cause a blow-out. That is a particular area of concern during the summer. Tire rotation should also occur this time of the year.

Car Battery Health

The health of your car battery is at greater risk during the summer than in any other season. The battery can withstand colder temperatures during winter. But the summer heat, along with the engine heat, can cause a battery to lose its capacity to maintain a full charge. A battery test is the only way to know if the battery is at risk of failing to start the engine.

For more information about summer maintenance and how we can help you, contact our service center. If you're ready to schedule an appointment for any of the above services, we recommend using our convenient online service scheduler.