VW Navigation  

If the navigation system in your Volkswagen hasn't been updated in the last year, or ever for that matter, now is the time to make sure that you have the most updated information available to you while you're driving. Thousands of miles of roads are added to navigation systems each year. Even if you don't think there have been updates locally, there may be useful information outside of your hometown that you would benefit from having. Not to mention, you can look up businesses, parking lots, and other useful locations while driving in your Volkswagen. Not sure how to go about updating your Volkswagen? Let's take a look at how this process goes.

VW Navigation System

Volkswagen Online

If you head to Volkswagen's website, you'll be able to choose a map upgrade option that is tailored to your specific model of vehicle. This is based on the model year that you currently own. You can then order the appropriate updated DVD navigation kit. Once you receive the information in the mail, this is the process that you'll take to complete the updates.

  • Start your vehicle, so the engine is running.
  • Insert the disc into the CD player in your Volkswagen.
  • Follow any on-screen prompts that pop up and let the DVD complete its updates.
  • Remove the DVD kit when the updates are done. Congratulations! Your updates are now reflected in your Volkswagen navigation system!
  • You can turn your vehicle off.

Your Volkswagen came with all of the latest navigation information available at that time, but a lot has likely changed since then. If you are having trouble completing an update of your Volkswagen navigation system, contact Orlando Volkswagen South for more information. You can even bring your vehicle into our dealership to have us perform the updates for you.