Better Than Ever Before

Running on a seventh-generation platform, the 2019 Volkswagen Golf GTI is better than ever before. This award-winning hatchback is loaded with dynamic mechanical technology and advanced digital amenities. The lineup of this German vehicle includes the Rabbit Edition Autobahn.

Explore the Class-Leading Amenities of the VW Golf GTI

Having a cast iron cylinder block and forged steel crankshaft, the 2.0 L TSI powertrain is standard in the VW Golf GTI. The turbocharged 2.0 L engine generates 228 horsepower and 258 pound-feet of torque with a premium grade of gasoline. Supported by the DCC Adaptive Chassis Control, this versatile hatchback is unlikely to swerve out its intended path. A six-speed manual transmission system diverts the appropriate amount of torque to the front-wheel drive. Seven gear combinations are available in the DSG transmission. Having an electromechanical progressive design, the power steering system also controls the FWD with optimum precision.

Inspired by mechanical technology of the global racing circuit, the VAQ limited-slip differential lock adjusts the motion of the front wheels. This important component increases traction by restricting or allowing a certain level of spin in the front axle. The Driving Mode Selection is another technology that contributes to a more dynamic drive. You can choose five different modes on the touch-screen display of the infotainment system. The ECO Mode optimizes fuel efficiency, and the Comfort Mode compensates for G-forces, shocks and other unpleasant factors on the road. Covered in a bright red finish and the GTI logo, the high-performance brake calipers emphasize this hatchback's sporty character.

Durable Design

Having a durable glass design, the Golf GTI's 8.0-inch display generates better graphics than ever before. This touch screen shows maps and other data from the GPS navigation system that includes the Dynamic Route Guidance and turn-by-turn prompts. Google Maps and other digital services are available in the Car-Net App-Connect suite that's compatible with Android smartphones and iPhones. Centrally located in the instrument cluster, the Multifunction Display (MFD) generates updates on the car's electronic and mechanical settings.

This acclaimed Volkswagen hatchback is available with the Fender sound system that produces concert-like acoustics in the cabin. This 400-watt audio system has eight speakers and a subwoofer. You can tune into music on SiriusXM All Access Radio, HD Radio or custom audio streams through wireless Bluetooth.

Updated VW Car-Net Mobile App

The updated VW Car-Net mobile application gives you more control of the Golf GTI than in previous years. You'll receive notifications if you forget to close the sunroof after leaving the vehicle unattended. The app also delivers alerts when the trunk or doors remain unlocked. With some help from Parkopedia, you'll never forget where you parked this VW model in a busy urban area. This signature parking technology is synced with the car's GPS navigation system.

Available in the Golf GTI, the Front Assist technology is recognized for class leadership in the active safety category. The Pedestrian Monitoring function encourages you to slow down when there's an elevated risk of a collision with people on the street. By monitoring variable traffic flow on the road, the Front Assist adjusts the Golf GTI's speed accordingly. Optional in this VW model, the Parking Steering Assist offers great parking cues. The Park Distance Control also helps you maneuver without hitting other parked cars.

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