How to Change Your Driving Mode in Your VW?

Changing Your Driving Mode

You already know that VW's are one of the most advanced vehicles in the automotive industry for getting both practical and high-performance driving experiences. But, did you know that you have many more options to modify your experience?

That's right, all those buttons on the infotainment display have a reason for being there!

Each VW has driving controls to help you tailor your driving experience in ways that make it more enjoyable. The owners manual spells out how each of the features operates, but we want you to understand the details in a way that makes it easier to utilize, so you can begin immediately!

You can choose between four different driver profile modes to match the type of driving experience that you're in the mood for, and they even help you control the vehicle's energy use. Your VW includes the following options:

  • Normal
  • Eco
  • Sport
  • Custom

You do not have to be in a parked position to change the driving mode. While driving your vehicle, repeatedly press the mode button near the gear shift to make your selection or you can make the selection using the touchscreen on the infotainment display. The touchscreen choice helps to keep your eyes up and tends to be safer for drivers. The active mode will be highlighted. From there, you can press the information menu for details about the current driving mode. Once you're done reviewing that information, all you need to do is press the "X" button to instantly close the information menu.

Here are a few details about each option:


The normal mode provides you with standard pre-programmed settings that are set by the manufacturer. These settings are universal and provide a basic comfort level for your everyday driving experience.


When you switch to the eco mode, the vehicle's acceleration and horsepower are optimized to maximize energy consumption, rather than power or performance. Additionally, the climate control system for the air conditioner is automatically adjusted for energy conservation.


In sport mode, the engine and transmission response is more dynamic and power steering agility increases. The adaptive front lighting feature is automatically engaged and the vehicle's driving response becomes much more energetic for maximizing your driving performance.


Are you the type of driver who likes more control? If yes, then the custom mode was designed with you in mind. With the custom mode, you can change the settings to meet your desired comfort level, for each specific driving condition. In custom mode, you have the options to adjust the steering, the drive system, adaptive cruise control, adaptive front lighting, and the climate control, to your preferred setting. This mode is ideal for long distance driving.

Each driving mode selection is automatically matched with ambient lighting and changes each time you choose a different mode. However, you also have the option of adjusting the ambient colors to your preference and choose one of the 10 colors that are available. Select the ambient lighting button on the touchscreen and change the setting from automatic to manual in order to make your desired changes. You can also turn the color sequencing completely off, by using the same option.

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