The Volkswagen R-Line

In the past, R-line was a trim of Volkswagen that you could get on select models so that you could have a sportier exterior and interior. Nowadays, the R-line "trim" is expanding its reach to other Volkswagen models: Namely, Atlas and Tiguan. Now you can get a decked out R-Line style without having to go all the way and buy that specific trim. It's a pleasant mix of features that spruce up your respective Volkswagen trim into something that's going to impress even the pickiest of auto lovers.

How R-Line Is Expanding

Over the coming years, R-Line quality will be available as an optional package, with each feature of the R-Line available on other trims. To give you an idea of what kind of look and quality you're getting, here are a few of the features fans love:

  • R-Line Badging so that the enticing look of the R-Line stands out even more
  • On some trims, you get beefed up wheels that are sportier and larger
  • R-line Front and Rear bumpers for a more distinct look on any trim the package is available on
  • Infotainment Screen that has an R-Line start. And that certainly will put anyone in a good mood when they start up that new Volkswagen, no matter what the trim is

Other features are forthcoming in news releases, but for now, the R-Line look is a hot one for Volkswagen owners who want a little more spice in their respective models. R-Line style is well known, as past R-Line trims were simply stunning and received well by the public. The result? Volkswagen is now taking that distinctive R-Line style and making it available on other models, and that is good news for folks who don't want the full R-Line look but want certain aspects of it on their favorite model trim. 

More Information About R-Line

There are a lot of reasons to take notice of the R-Line look, and our dealership team will be happy to answer further questions about how Volkswagen is expanding its R-Line. If you have further questions, you can call us to discuss the R-Line on the phone, or stop by our dealership at any time and discuss the R-Line. If there's any confusion, it's perhaps because there is just so much about the R-Line to learn about, and then Volkswagen is hoping to expand even more in the coming years, so don't stay confused! Call our dealership today to learn more about the R-Line.

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