Tips to Maximize Your Car's Value

The value of your car will determine how much you can sell it for once you're ready to upgrade to a newer vehicle. Although the make and model ultimately determine its overall value, there are a few factors that can increase how much it's worth. If you want to maximize your car's resale value, there are a few basic tips to follow as the owner.

  • Get the Car Detailed
    Dirt, grime, and crumbs can all affect the quality of your vehicle if it's not kept up on a consistent basis. You'll need to get the car detailed to ensure that it's thoroughly cleaned from top to bottom. A deep cleaning will include shampooing the seats to remove stains or pet hair that may be present. You can also have the dashboard and floors cleaned to ensure it looks new again. If you want to keep the car cleaner each day, avoid eating or smoking in the vehicle.

  • Perform an Inspection
    The mechanical function of your engine will determine the car's value, making it necessary to hire a professional to schedule an inspection. A mechanic will be able to examine all of the parts and test everything to ensure that it's working well. If any repairs are needed, the mechanic can diagnose the issue and replace the parts. Following the maintenance schedule is also recommended, making it necessary to read the owner's manual when changing the oil or rotating the tires. Keeping all of your receipts for the maintenance or repairs can also allow you to have thorough records when transferring the car to a buyer.

  • Keep the Mileage Down
    The mileage is one of the main factors that influence your car's value because it reveals how much the vehicle has been used. Avoid driving the car too much and participate in rideshare programs when you can. Consider renting a car when you're taking a road trip or are driving long distances to avoid putting excess miles on the vehicle.

  • Cover the Car
    Protecting the body of your vehicle is also necessary to ensure that the paint doesn't fade and the lights don't become fogged over time. You'll need to cover the car when it's parked outdoors, especially in harsh weather conditions to limit its exposure to the elements. You can also consider keeping it stored in the garage or under a carport to protect it in each season of the year. Using a dashboard cover will protect the plastic from fading or cracking due to frequent sun exposure. A sun visor will also prove to be useful for protecting the materials inside of the car during the warmer months of the year.

  • Drive Safely
    Not only is the mileage and the quality of your vehicle main factors when it comes to the car's value, but how you drive it will also determine what it's worth. If you're careless with how you drive on the road, your chances of getting into an accident increase, which will permanently be included on the car's history report. Driving recklessly can also lead to damage on the exterior of the vehicle, as well as excess wear on the engine. Follow traffic laws and avoid using your phone to make calls or send text messages while spending time behind the wheel.

If you want to learn more information about how you can maximize your car's resale value, contact David Maus VW South to speak to a representative. We'll answer your questions and can also show you around our extensive inventory of vehicles.

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