See How Volkwagen is Reducing NOx Emissions by 80%

Reducing NOx Emission

Most people don't like diesel cars, but at one point, most experts considered them the way of the future. You could call diesel fuel as more energy-dense than regular fuel, which yields better mileage. The problem comes from NOx emissions, which have a link to cancer and other health problems. Volkswagen may have discovered a solution that will cut emissions by as much as 80 percent.

The Advantages of Diesel Cars

You have plenty of reasons that someone might purchase a diesel-fuel engine. First, the engine uses less fuel, and it emits less CO2 than what traditional engines do. This type of engine produces lower-end torque and allows for acceleration that feels smoother. For that reason, you see a lot of sports cars that take diesel fuel. Scientists have identified diesel fuel as carcinogenic, which could be one of the reasons that diesel cars receive no welcome in any major European cities.

How Volkswagen Addressed the Issue

Volkswagen leaped forward for mankind when it invented the SCR. In long-form, they call it selective catalytic reduction. How does it work? You inject the aqueous reducing agent, and it forms ammonia NH3. This meets the NOx in the converter. As a result, you end up with H20 and N2 emissions. Neither of them can harm you. Unfortunately, the system doesn't work 100 percent of the time, but the best conversion rate sat at around 90 percent. The average was around 80 percent. NOx emissions tend to rise much higher when the car pulls uphill, accelerates aggressively or when you have cold weather outside.

The Next Generation SCR

You have an all-new system where the next-generation SCR will deploy a twin dosing system. Through this new system, it will employ two catalytic converters instead of one, which will take care of more NOx. The second converter sits a little farther down the engine, and it helps to convert some of the colder gases.

Will this help diesel to make a comeback? Now that we have dealt with one of the biggest issues that came from diesel, we could soon see a surge of interest in this source of fuel. Volkswagen will most likely push the marketing on this harder than ever before because it's quite the achievement. People have begun to look to electric cars that will expand on the future, but this new invention from Volkswagen could also help with expanding the future.

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