How Does Car-Net Security & Service Work?

VW Care Net Security & Service

Volkswagen offers a unique technology on many of its vehicles that links your car, smartphone, and computer to keep you and your vehicle synched up and supported. VW Car-Net is a powerful communications system with four key features, including Safe and Secure, Remote Vehicle Access, Family Guardian, and Diagnostics & Maintenance.

VW Car-Net Feature Groups

Each key feature group offers unique functions and services that enhance safety, vehicle availability, and convenience.

Safe and Secure automatically contacts a Car-Net emergency specialist if your vehicle is involved in a collision that deploys the airbags. This important service can speed up the response time of emergency services if you are in a remote location and don’t have access to an external communication device. The available Car-Net wrench button contacts a specialist who can activate roadside assistance if you experience a problem that disables your Volkswagen. In the extreme circumstance that your vehicle is stolen, VW Car-Net will work with law enforcement to find your property using GPS.

The Remote Vehicle Access service helps to automate your vehicle and save you time during a busy day. You can unlock your doors and even locate your car in large and busy parking lots with just a few taps on your smartphone. Want to find a fun place to take your family while out and about? Just look one up using the points of interest feature and let Remote Vehicle Access navigate you to the spot.

If you have new and ‘green’ drivers in your family, the VW Car-Net Family Guardian enables you to set geographical and speed limits that will trigger alerts once they are exceeded.

Tracking the true health of our vehicles saves money on costly repairs. The Diagnostics & Maintenance feature analyzes your VW and provides you a monthly diagnostics report. Car-Net specialists can also schedule service appointments and send a diagnostics report to your dealer prior to your visit.

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