Volkswagen's New Sustainability Rating Helps The World

Volkswagen Sustainability Rating

Ensuring Sustainability Standards

On July 1, 2019, Volkswagen introduced a new sustainability rating for its supply chain. While the company itself is committed to sustainability, it is now taking sustainability a step further by ensuring that its suppliers meet certain sustainability requirements too. The new sustainability rating for suppliers targets risks involving environmental protection, human rights, and corruption. Supplier compliance will be checked by a third party to ensure standards for sustainability are met.

Instilling Lasting Values

The term “sustainability” for Volkswagen encompasses many things. It includes pursuing (and balancing) social, economic, and ecological objectives with the end goal of instilling lasting values, creating good working conditions, protecting the environment, and conserving resources. In light of its own problems surrounding emissions testing, Volkswagen resolved to improve on its weaknesses, strengthen weak areas, and ultimately regain the public's support and trust. That motivation prompted the company to improve its sustainability profile, which in turn improves its reputation and solidifies its values. This year, one of Volkswagen's key strategies to broaden its corporate social responsibility (CSR) department involved targeting the supply chain to make comprehensive changes and patch up any gaps or weak areas along the supply chain line.

Sustainability Goals

Transparency and innovation are critical components of Volkswagen's new sustainability rating, which applies to Volkswagen's suppliers around the world. With the new ratings, Volkswagen can assess its own sustainability and that of all its suppliers, too. Sustainability goals and benchmarks are established and checked by companies completing documentation and questionnaires. On-site inspections may be performed as well. Any supplier found to be in violation of the sustainability mandates may have its contract with VW revoked. The purpose of the more stringent standards is to encourage better sustainability practices among all companies that work with Volkswagen and provide incentives and motivation for them to maintain a high degree of accountability.

Code of Conduct for Business Partners

Volkswagen's new sustainability ratings have been updated in its “Code of Conduct for Business Partners.” This code sets standards for all companies in the supply chain. It is based on the fundamental principles of human rights, environmental protection, occupational health and safety, and a general fight to eliminate corruption in business practices around the world. By implementing these new standards, Volkswagen aims to become a recognized leader in sustainability and inspire other organizations to improve their sustainability practices, too.

Exciting New Standards

After nearly a year's worth of workshops, events, and information, Volkswagen is applying its new sustainability rating standards to various brands and regions. Its sustainability rating plan is expected to extend in the future to include greater regulation of carbon dioxide emissions too. Contact our dealership to learn more about these exciting new standards and the positive changes they bring to consumers.

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