Top 5 Signs of Engine Trouble

Signs of Engine trouble

When it comes to your car, signs of engine trouble should never be ignored. These are the top five indications that you should bring your car into the dealer for an expert to look under the hood.

1. Illuminated "Check Engine" Light

Most modern cars have dashboard lights that indicate various issues, including problems with the engine. If this light goes on, schedule a diagnostic service so we can get to the bottom of the issue. With most vehicle manufacturers, a flashing check engine light means that something serious is amiss. If this occurs, stop driving your car immediately and have it towed to a service center.

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2. Jerking Motion While Driving

If your car is no longer running smoothly, this could signify an engine issue. Have it serviced right away if you notice stalling, surging, or jerking when you're on the road, which may occur when the fuel lines or filter is clogged or spark plugs have gone bad.

3. Leaking Oil

Do you notice a dark puddle under your vehicle after it's been parked for a while? Chances are an oil leak is the culprit. When this occurs, it's only a matter of time before the car stops running, so bring it in for service.

4. Strange Noises

Certain noises are known to indicate an engine issue, including knocking, popping, spitting, hissing, and backfiring. These can be caused by a problem with the combustion flow and often occur when you start the engine.

5. Stalling

While stalling is familiar when you learned to drive a manual transmission, this issue occurs more rarely with automatic transmissions and is a sure sign that something is wrong with the engine. If you have to restart in traffic, get your engine checked out.

At David Maus VW South, our service center can handle any engine issues that arise with your Volkswagen. Stop by today for your tune-up or make a quick appointment online.

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