Volkswagen BlueMotion, What You Should Know

Volkswagen Bluemotion Nameplate

Volkswagen BlueMotion touches upon a selection of VW offerings that put special effort into increasing fuel efficiency and decreasing fuel costs for the driver.

Now, a crucial distinction to draw when you're looking at BlueMotion offerings is between BlueMotion vehicles and BlueMotion features - there are only two vehicles from Volkswagen that actually bear the BlueMotion name, the most popular are the BlueMotion Polo and the BlueMotion Golf MK6. The Ibiza Ecomotive is another fine offering for drivers concerned with fuel consumption.

Despite the limited assortment of BlueMotion vehicles, a wide variety of Volkswagen automobiles carry BlueMotion features. These features include:

Auto Start/Stop: Great for drivers who spend a lot of time in the city, this feature automatically shuts off the engine when the vehicle comes to a complete stop - situations like traffic jams are instantly made less expensive, and the engine turns back on immediately when you're ready to move again.

Regenerative Braking: Sometimes also called 'recuperative braking', this feature allows the vehicle's alternator to cycle power when the car is braking, allowing it to charge faster as it slows down and charge slower when the vehicle is accelerating - like auto start/stop, this is a great choice for cities.

Low-Resistance Tires: These tires are exactly what they sound like - they require less torque to spin on standard asphalt, allowing the vehicle to move faster and more efficiently with the same amount of engine power. Unfortunately, these tires can be dangerous during the winter or on slick roads, their less substantial tread making them prone to slipping.

Miscellaneous Changes: Volkswagen has also changed their BlueMotion vehicles to possess small, almost unnoticeable changes - a negligibly more aerodynamic frame nonetheless manages to decrease wind resistance, which subsequently requires less power from the engine to move at high speeds. Functional air intake valves on the grille bring in a steady stream of air, further cooling the vehicle's engine and reducing drag.

BlueMotion is also offered on commercial vehicles, although for obvious reasons these vehicles are less common on the roads - these commercial automobiles include van and transporter models, making Volkswagen a viable choice for taxi drivers who need a lot of space or semi-truck companies that want to cut costs.

Although it can be hard to figure out what 'BlueMotion' means without a guide like this, once you're aware of the concept it seems like a must-have. Contact us today at David Maus Volkswagen South in Orlando and get a quote today for a BlueMotion vehicle that can save you money!

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