What is the People First Warranty?

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Volkswagen has put a heavy focus on customer satisfaction and keeping customers happy, which should not be that surprising considering that the company’s name directly translates to ‘people’s car.’ This focus has helped turn Volkswagen into one of the world’s leading car brands, and now the German automaker has found a new way to say thanks and reward its customers for all their loyal support. The recent unveiling of the all-new People First Warranty proves to be a complete gamechanger for the auto industry, and here is everything you need to know about this industry-leading warranty program.

People First: Setting New Standards for the Auto Industry

A few years ago, Volkswagen had the crazy idea to offer an improved warranty on its new Atlas and Tiguan vehicles. Volkswagen idea into a reality and many customers flocked to these new models drawn in by the appeal of their longer warranties. Since Volkswagen has updated its entire warranty program to provide the same benefits to all of its models.

The result of this effort is the brand-new People First Warranty, which offers drivers the added confidence and convenience of a 6-year or 72,000-mile transferable warranty—the longest warranty available from any major automaker. Whereas, most manufacturers have two separate warranties, one for basic coverage and one for the various powertrain components. This new warranty is truly bumper-to-bumper and covers every aspect and component of the vehicle.

Compared to the typical 3-year, 30,000-mile or 5-year, 50,000-mile warranties offered by most other major manufacturers, the People First Warranty is truly revolutionary. Of course, it is likely that other brands will soon unveil their own new warranty programs in an attempt to keep pace with VW, but for now, no other car company even comes close. In this sense, Volkswagen is the way to go if you want the best the auto industry currently has to offer.

Enjoy the People First Warranty on Almost Any 2018 Volkswagen

The People First Warranty promises to provide huge benefits by ensuring you can drive further and for longer without needing to worry about mechanical problems, breakdowns, and repairs. Since the warranty is truly bumper-to-bumper, this means you’ll be fully covered against whatever may come. Whether you experience an issue with the 4Motion AWD system on your 2018 VW Golf R or any of the state-of-the-art driver-assistance features malfunctions, you can rest safe in the knowledge that all will be taken care of without charge.

The fact that the People First Warranty is standard on virtually every new Volkswagen vehicle means that all you need to do is decide which model is the best fit for your needs and your life. Luckily, the staff at David Maus VW South are here to answer any questions you have. When you visit our dealership, we can also arrange for you to test drive any of our 2018 vehicles to ensure you have all the information you need to choose your next new car. So don’t hesitate to contact us or visit us at the dealership to find the new Volkswagen of your dreams.

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