Volkswagen to Recall Golf Models Due to Rollaway Risk

Recall Golf Models Due to Rollaway Risk

If you own a Volkswagen vehicle, chances are you purchased your car because you love the design, the color, the style, and most importantly, the dependability. Volkswagen cars are designed for the highest enjoyment when on family road trips, school adventures, and commuting. Unfortunately, a recent recall has some Volkswagen drivers worried. Here's what you need to know.

If you must use a physical key to start your Volkswagen Golf, you may need to bring your car in. Note that vehicles with push-to-start options are not affected by this recall. If you don't need a key to get your Golf up and running, you don't need to stress! Your vehicle is totally fine.

Some models of the Volkswagen Golf have a malfunction that enables users to remove the key from the vehicle without placing the gear shift in "park." Unfortunately, this puts the vehicle at risk for rolling away. Not only is a rolling vehicle difficult to stop, it can be dangerous for pedestrians, the driver, passengers and other vehicles.

If you suspect that your Volkswagen Golf is affected by the recent recall, you don't need to stress. The cost of the vehicle repair will be covered by Volkswagen. The repair is also a very simple process that just involves placing a new circuit board and switch inside your vehicle. This will prevent the vehicle from rolling and will also ensure that your car's transmission must be in "park" before you remove the key from the ignition.

Pedestrian, passenger, and driver safety is of the utmost importance to Volkswagen. Volkswagen understands just how vital the care and protection of each individual is, which is why Volkswagen is taking steps to ensure that everyone is completely protected. Issuing a vehicle recall may seem like a drastic step, but it is simply designed to ensure that all Volkswagen Golf drivers can enjoy a safe, secure, and comfortable driving experience.

Are you worried about the recent recall? Do you have specific questions? Come in and talk with us about your options and to find out if your specific vehicle is impacted by this recall. We'd be happy to discuss the next steps with you at your convenience. Don't wait! Give us a call today.

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