Top 3 Most Fuel Efficient Volkswagens

What Are the Most Fuel Efficient Volkswagen Vehicles?

Volkswagen builds excellent cars. The Volkswagen brand has always revolved around fantastic driving dynamics, excellent reliability, and streamlined interiors. From the Sterian mountains to the Autobahn, Volkswagen's are capable of doing it all with ease.

Which of these fantastic vehicles has the best fuel efficiency, though?

Here are the top three Volkswagen cars regarding fuel efficiency.

The top 3 fuel efficient Volkswagen Vehicles

According to, the top three Volkswagen's regarding fuel efficiency are the Volkswagen Jetta, Volkswagen Golf-Sportwagon, and Volkswagen Golf. There are numerous variations of all three versions, so a specific breakdown is required. This list will only feature one version of a model, as well.

  • The 1.4 liter Volkswagen Jetta is the most fuel-efficient Volkswagen. The Jetta has a combined 32mpg with the 1.4-liter engine.
  • The 1.8 liter Volkswagen Golf Sportwagen has a combined 29mpg with either the manual or automatic transmission.
  • The 1.8 liter Volkswagen Golf, standard model hatchback, has a combined 29mpg with either the manual or automatic transmission.

Again, there are other variations of each of these vehicles. The Volkswagen Jetta has a GLI performance model trim with a 2.0-liter turbocharged engine. The Jetta GLI gets 24 city and 33 highway, for a combined 29mpg.

Is The Volkswagen Fuel Efficient?

Volkswagen's commitment to fuel efficiency goes beyond these three models, though. The all-new 2018 Volkswagen Atlas offers the best fuel efficiency in the three-row SUV category, beating the Mazda CX-9, Toyota Highlander, and Honda Pilot. The newly redesigned 2018 Volkswagen Tiguan provides better fuel mileage than rivals like the 2019 Jeep Cherokee and 2018 Ford Escape. The stalwart midsize best-seller Volkswagen Passat has better gas mileage than competitors like the Mazda 6, Buick Regal and Ford Fusion. The ever fresh Volkswagen Beetle has an extremely competitive combined MPG of 28, higher than a number of the other compact cars, including Mini's and the Subaru WRX.

Volkswagen has built a fun, engaging lineup of cars that can give you excellent performance without needing fuel stops every twenty feet. You can contact your local Volkswagen dealership for more information. You should also see the full lineup of fuel-efficient Volkswagen vehicles for yourself. Why not set up a test drive with your local Volkswagen dealership? Contact your local dealership today!

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